We involve citizens in

Easily and in the long term. Through participation, contemporary technologies, and a unique voting method.


Learn more about the D21 solution for long-term participation,
taylored for the 21st century

What we want to achieve
together with you

Our mission is to create a society of people interested in their surroundings and willing to participate in addressing matters that affect their lives. For example the place where they live, work, or study. This is why we have developed a unique system for civic participation. This system is based on expert knowledge and yet is simple and versatile. Thanks to the effects of positive and negative votes, the system assures a consensus to everyone’s satisfaction.

How our voting method works

Voters using Janecek (Democracy 21) method can grant either positive or negative votes to the matter voted for. This creates a wider consensus and highlights principal points of controversy.

What the D21 guarantees
for the participation process

The security of personal and proprietary data

User-friendly technologies

A voting method beneficial
for all

What’s happening in D21