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City Supporters

Various organizations possess funds for, and are interested in, supporting your city’s development. We can help you identify them and work on a shared path to effectively using their support.

How City Supporters helps town halls and citizens?

You will learn whom to ask for support, and why

You’ll gain funds, professional and human resources for your projects

You’ll obtain data to make the best decisions

Jak proces Udržitelného města funguje


Sociálně-ekonomická analýza města


Mapování institucí ve městě


Skupinový výzkum mezi občany


Validační průzkum a sběr dat


Analýza získaných dat


Konečný report vč. doporučení

Our solution's benefits

We will lead your steps
You can rely on our experts throughout our cooperation, from the preparatory stage to the presentation of the final analysis.
Data for your experts
We will supply the results and data analyses you need for your architects and urban planners and your town hall itself to work effectively.
Comprehensible outputs
You’ll obtain a clearly formulated summary that you can use to find your optimal solution easily. It will help you improve fundraising, and save money.

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Raise funds from corporate sources

Sponsoring for Your City

We will help you connect your city with the companies and arrange their sponsorship for your participative projects by:

  • Analyzing local companies’ CSR strategies and their interest in participation in community projects
  • Raising funds for developing the city and public space from corporate sources
  • Creating functional partnerships between the city, its citizens, employees, and the private sector



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Benefit from our support
and expertise

Odbornici na participaci

Survey preparation

We’ll prepare the questionnaires for you and lay down the rules for a
well-run survey.

Communication strategy

We’ll advice you on information campaign to help you involve as many citizens in your survey as possible.

Data processing & analysis

We’ll provide you with clearly presented results for your survey or vote.

Get in touch, we’ll advise you

We’ll propose an procedure tailored to your requirements, experience, and population size.