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“I appreciate it when someone wants to do something for his/her surroundings, a public space or his/her neighbours. I am not speaking about those who are already comfortably off and can contribute to a good cause financially. I am speaking about people who work every day, resolve common family problems, who are tired by normal human fears.”

Vladimír Kořen – Mayor

I Manage Říčany

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Our mission

Říčany looks to the future

Říčany is a town on the outskirts of Prague with a population of more than 15,000. It is a key partner of D21 in the Czech Republic and a promoter of active participation of citizens in its town administration.

To increase public participation in the decision-making processes the Říčany administration had to address several challenges. The most important was to increase people’s engagement so that their participation in public affairs could become simple, entertaining and enriching.  The town also had to look for new ways of data collection and analysis for the decision-making of the town representatives to be brought closer to the current needs of the inhabitants.

Cooperation between D21 and Říčany

Intense cooperation between D21 and the town of Říčany began in May 2015. As a consequence a project was prepared entitled “I Manage Říčany", whose goal was the long-term and increasing engagement of inhabitants in the decision-making processes in their town. This is an absolutely unique project in the Czech Republic. The project shows a high level of flexibility concerning the registration and authentication of voters. While in the case of more important votes (for example for investments) the registration and authentication process is more stringent, in the case of less important ones the process is also more relaxed.

‍City 21 web site with a survey of all participations in Říčany

The project was successfu

By January 2016 1,500 of the 15,000 inhabitants of Říčany had registered on our platform. This was a relatively high number. Especially if you consider the fact that the last communal election was attended by 6,000 individuals.

Since the “I Manage Říčany” project launch inhabitants could decide about a number of different themes, including project selection for the town to invest in (worth circa CZK 2.5 million), from adaptations of the public notice to selection of a musical group to perform at the local music festival.

The town council obtained more than just answers to these questions, especially as it collected detailed data on the needs and preferences of its inhabitants by age, gender etc. D21 also implemented a representative survey of citizen satisfaction with the civic amenities in their surroundings. All the data has since been used for better town planning and addressing issues of particular target groups.

Říčany together with D21 show how easy decision-making is when based on knowledge and experience!

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